Introducing: The Final Countdown book

Have you ever noticed the common theme that runs through many movies and books? The struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lies, life and death? Well, it’s not fiction!

There really is a battle on the go between these forces. And they aim for one thing, and one thing only – your allegiance (your heart, your mind, your decisions). In Chapter 12 of the book of Revelation, the Scripture describes it as the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Since the beginning of time, Satan has been working to misrepresent the character of God. Leading people to regard Him with fear and hate, rather than with love. It all began with Adam and Eve, and it continues with us. On the other hand, Jesus Christ came “to destroy the Devil’s work” (1 John 3:8) and to bring us eternal life by revealing the true character of God (John 17:1-3). This war is soon to be over.

The aim of the book you hold is to help you discover the tactics of the two leaders in this battle for your soul, as revealed in Biblical prophecy. God’s methods of love, revelations of truth, and gentle encouragement will be contrasted against Satan’s methods of lies, deception and brute force.

You will learn about the origin of evil, the snares of Satan, how and why freedom of conscience is being threatened, and how to safeguard your heart and mind against these attacks. You will also learn that there is a solution to pain, suffering and death; that there is a better way to live life than what today’s society is teaching us; and that there are still people left who truly love all of humanity and live to serve others as Jesus did.

A wonderful proof of God’s love for you is the fact that He has given you freedom of choice. Freedom to decide whether you want to know the truth and follow it, or not.

This book – an extract of the last 14 chapters of The Great Controversy (see last page for more details) – will provide you with a description of the closing scenes of this great battle between good and evil. The final countdown for this battle has begun. Have you noticed that the controversy is heating up? Are you ready to make your choice, for the right side?

Friend, you are being given the chance to know and choose life. To be set free from sin and suffering, and from the deceptions of human traditions and ideologies. A chance to begin experiencing the joy and peace of the abundant life that can start on earth already.

Our prayer is that you will take that first step towards the knowing the truth.

The Editors

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