We Believe

Sabbath. Adventists. 1844. Healthy lifestyle. Sanctuary. Ellen White. Signs of the times. The Great Controversy.

You may have noticed some of these topics being mentioned in some of our resources shared on this website. Do any of them sound a bit strange to you? Or are you seeking more information regarding one of these topics?

They are all connected to fundamental beliefs from the Bible. We would like to introduce you to a study that covers these topics, and more, in detail. Welcome to the We Believe Bible Study.


This study will help you discover and understand the fundamental beliefs of the Bible:

  • the doctrine about God
  • creation and the nature of man
  • key teachings on salvation
  • what church is (its true mission and services)
  • dimensions of the Christian life
  • last-day events


Do you like to study at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, when it suits you? Click below to be taken to We Believe. Complete the first lesson, ask any questions regarding the lesson and continue your journey online.