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How The Great Controversy book changed my life

December 8, 2021

– John Bradshaw, speaker/director of It Is Written

I began my career in radio, and it really was quite successful, but I had to do what all young New Zealanders seemed to do – I left my home, following in the footsteps of my older sister, and travelled to London, England. All the while I’m looking for meaning in my faith.

I went to Midnight Mass at the Stoke Newington church near where I was living. Nothing! It was flat, and I actually saw the priest smack one of the altar boys for doing something wrong, and I thought: Never! I’m done with these guys!

Praying with a stranger on a busy street

October 19, 2020

Sharing books on the street brings together not only many beautiful and different people, but also some special moments and meaningful conversations. A ray of light touches a burdened heart, a heart that is searching for peace, and for hope… No matter who visits our stand, they are deeply cherished by God and us.