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A blonde young lady standing outside enjoying feeling the the wind in her face.

Does God want you to improve your health and wellness? Yes!

The Bible actually addresses this topic often. For example, the apostle Peter says the following in 3 John 2:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

We also want you to prosper in all things and be in health! Browse through our page for resources to help you to develop a happier and healthier body and mind.


Join Us for our latest Zoom series – Your Health

Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm

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Slot in at any time or join us for them all.

Discover the principles of a healthy life and make positive life-changing decisions!

This series will be presented by a range of qualified health professionals who care about your well-being.

We begin by looking into the eight basics of good health, followed by much more.

If Zoom is not for you, then sign up for the online lessons: Your Health

15 Feb Taking Charge of Your Health

22 Feb Smart Eating

1 March Healthy Heart, Healthy Bones

8 March Active for Health

15 March Coping with Stress

22 March Your Choice: Why Do Drugs?

29 March No Butts About It

5 April Healthy Weight

12 April Reduce the Risk of Cancer

19 April Plant Foods

26 April Healthy Families

3 May Healthy Self Esteem


8 Natural Doctors that can help you on your journey to a NEW START!

A blonde young lady standing outside enjoying feeling the the wind in her face.
Trust in God



Here are some free resources to help you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Watch this 30 min video to learn more about God’s perfect health plan for you. It’s all in the Bible! [see more…]

Like Reading? Browse though our online health books for some helpful and uplifting reading.  [see more…]

Do your want to cook healthy and delicious food?  Here are some healthy, delicious and nutritious recipes. [see more…]

Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from depression or anxiety?  Learn more and discover some lifestyle tips that could help ease the symptoms [see more…]

Are you or a loved one struggling with addictions? Learn how to identify addictive behaviour and learn some tips on how to overcome most addictions.  [see more…]


Free Online Courses

This course will help you discover the key to personal development and success by giving you an understanding of how your feelings impact your life and the choices you make. [see more…]

We all experience stress and we can all benefit from learning how to respond positively to it. This course explains how stressors work in our lives and helps the student learn different techniques to cope and thrive while living with stress. [see more…]

Are you looking for advice on tackling the issues of modern relationships and parenting styles? This is the course for you. [see more…]

Here’s to a happier and healthier you!