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The Final Countdown

May 6, 2021

An Explanation of the World Empires Prophecy in the Biblical book of Daniel, the Prophet


Christian Salcianu and Diane Lewis 


A terrible night

The alarm startled all the king’s noblemen that night. The mighty counsellors of the empire were being rounded up for execution. All because of a mysterious dream…

Come back in time with us to the 6th century BC. The king of the great Babylonian empire, Nebuchadnezzar, has had a dream (see Daniel, chapter 2). Perceived as a token from the gods, the message was surely one of life and death.

Story of Daniel, the prophet

March 23, 2021

Daniel 1

By a remarkable turn of events, Daniel the hostage became Daniel the Prime Minister of Babylon, and the king’s most trusted adviser. In fact he prospered under the reign of four kings. How did he do it? How did he survive 70 years of captivity? His secret of inner spiritual strength will provide us with the key to surviving the challenges of life, and more importantly the end-time. Find out more in the program entitled The Captive, produced by The Incredible Journey (Australia).

Daniel 2

The world around us is still suffering from Covid–19 and all its implications. The program, Daniel – The Hand that Guides the Future, offers us a spirit of peace in place of fear, and a spirit of hope in place of worry. Gary Kent looks at an ancient king’s amazing dream that gives startling evidence for the existence of God, and proves that not only does He notice us; but His hand is still steering history towards one incredible final event.

Daniel 3

We’re going to go back in time to a remarkable scene on the plains of Dura right near ancient Babylon. An enormous statue of King Nebuchadnezzar had been set up, and thousands of representatives from his empire were invited to pay homage to it in a splendid ceremony. But when the vast assembly on the plain bowed to the ground toward the image, three young men defied the king and remained standing. Their decision angered a king and shook an empire. It’s also encouraged people everywhere. This is their story.

Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest king on earth. He had every reason to be proud of his achievements. He ruled over the biggest empire the world had ever seen, from his palaces in the most beautiful city in the world: Babylon. And he had built it himself. This is the story of his struggle to accept that he wasn’t the centre of the universe and that the true God was in control. It climaxes with the king in a field eating grass like a cow, completely mad. But it has a good ending. This story helps us reflect on how God has worked throughout our lives to reveal himself to us, and helps us reflect where we are on this very special journey called life.

Daniel 5

King Belshazzar of Babylon organized a big party. Amid all the revelry, an event occurred that brought all festivities to an immediate halt. A mysterious hand appeared, and in fiery letters, wrote a chilling message on the king’s palace wall. Suddenly the party crowd goes silent. They are stunned. But nobody can read the message, and so nobody knows what it means. And then Daniel reads and interprets the writing on the wall. Empires do fall!..

Daniel 6

There are many heroes in the Bible. Some are great warriors. But others are men of quiet faith – men who display their courage, not on the battlefield, but simply by their faithfulness to God. Daniel is such a man. In this program we’re going to consider his experience in the lions’ den. This is an inspiring story about courage and bravery, but most of all, about true faithfulness, about faith in God through all things, about faith that stood the test of time during a crisis.