Try Jesus!

What is it about Jesus that drew so many people to follow in His footsteps?

Be introduced to Jesus, or get to know Him better, through the TRY JESUS! Bible Study.


Jesus is dressed in a white robe extending His hand out towards you

The Try Jesus! Bible study will help you to discover:

  • Jesus’s life story
  • What He taught
  • Who He is
  • Why He came to Earth
  • And more!


A man is sitting at his desking studying his lesson on his tablet

Do you like to study at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and when it suits you? Give this course a try.

It is available in print and online. Click below to register for the Adventist Discovery Centre’s free Try Jesus! Bible Study course.

ZOOM (video)

Lady sitting on her coach watching the Try Jesus Bible study on her laptop on Zoom

Every Tuesday night at 7pm. Starting 20 December, ending 21 February.
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You are welcome to join in at any stage!
Zoom meeting ID: 468 3737 833

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