St. Patrick and the Celtic Connection — a distinctive faith

“Few figures in history have so impressed their personalities upon a nation as did Patrick on Ireland.”

So says David Marshall, author of the booklet The Celtic Connection. What was it about Patrick that enabled him to make such a strong impression? More importantly, what was that original impression and is it still the same today as it was in his time? The author, as an historian, is not interested in legends. He is concerned with the truths and evidences that reveal a particular story of faith. 

In less than 50 pages, the work aims to cover the beginnings of Christianity in Ireland and Britain, making the case for the Celtic Connection — a distinctive brand of Jesus Christ’s faith in this part of the world.

Marshall shows that what started to burn in Ireland through the work of Patrick, Columba and Aidan, was not just a unique form of Christianity, it may have been very close to the original one…

This Celtic Church had such a distinctive message that it made Pope Gregory I and his successors determined to destroy it.

This leads to the inevitable question: What did these great men preach that enraged Rome so much?

Was it baptism by immersion, the married priesthood, a veneration of the Scriptures, observance of the Sabbath, salvation by grace? You’ll be surprised by the answer and the evidences for it.

Read online or download The Celtic Connection. Discover how closely your faith aligns with the unique one proclaimed and practiced by those who made the Celtic Connection.

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