Focus on Prophecy

Ever wondered if Bible prophecy is something that should be taken seriously?

Did you know that the rise and fall of the ancient empires were accurately predicted, including people’s names and details of their armies? Did you know that there are no more biblical time prophecies left to be fulfilled?

When we use the Bible to unlock itself and we look back in history, its prophecies become clear. We can see the past, present and future. We understand the signs of the times and:

  • why Europe can’t unite
  • what is happening in the USA
  • how church and state will unite
  • what the Mark of the Beast is & much more!


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Video Recordings

Daniel ch. 1

Daniel ch. 2

Daniel ch. 3

Daniel ch. 4

Daniel chs. 5-6

Daniel ch. 7

Daniel ch. 8

Daniel ch. 9

Daniel chs. 10-12

Revelation ch. 1

Revelation chs. 2-3 (1)

Revelation chs. 2-3 (2)

Revelation chs. 4-5

Revelation chs. 6-7

Revelation chs. 8-11

Revelation chs. 10-11

Revelation ch. 12

Revelation ch. 13

Revelation ch. 14

Revelation chs. 15-16

Revelation chs. 17-18

Revelation chs. 19-21


An excellent interpretation of the last days on earth simplified in easy understandable text. A must for anyone wishing to understand Bible prophecies.

Camillus Nolan
course graduate, March 2021