Have you ever felt hopeless or aimless? Ever questioned the reality our society presents?

There is a book that addresses these issues and contains the answers to many more questions! Be introduced to the Bible through DISCOVER Bible Study.


This Bible study will help you to discover:

  • hope in these seemingly hopeless times
  • direction for a meaningful life
  • the key teachings of the Scriptures
  • the great controversy, a reality that many choose to ignore
  • the reliability of the Bible, a true and trusted guide for our world


A man is sitting at his desking studying his lesson on his tablet

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“I was very impressed with the professional way the Bible study was laid out as all the text was clear and concise and easily understandable. It gave me a great and clear understanding of the most difficult scriptures that needed to be explained. The Bible now to me makes a lot more sense and I know it can be a great help to me in my every day living as I understand now Gods dealings with his creations. I discovered in a matter of minutes the enormous importance of the sacrifice Jesus made for us human beings. It is totally beneficial for the body and soul and it has opened my eyes in many ways and has brought me another step closer to my creator. If anyone wishes to explore the Bible in terms of truth and honesty, I very much recommend these Bible studies and I know over time I will read them again for better understanding and soul fulfilling.”

Camillus Nolan
course graduate, March 2021