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The Final Countdown

May 6, 2021

An Explanation of the World Empires Prophecy in the Biblical book of Daniel, the Prophet


Christian Salcianu and Diane Lewis 


A terrible night

The alarm startled all the king’s noblemen that night. The mighty counsellors of the empire were being rounded up for execution. All because of a mysterious dream…

Come back in time with us to the 6th century BC. The king of the great Babylonian empire, Nebuchadnezzar, has had a dream (see Daniel, chapter 2). Perceived as a token from the gods, the message was surely one of life and death.

Empires in Prophecy (book excerpt)

November 11, 2020

The book of Daniel the prophet introduces a panorama of world empires. The prophecy in chapter 2 helps us see the big picture. We can even reach out and touch the kingdom of God. Let’s take a brief journey in the famous chapter 2 of this prophetic book.