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“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20)


A Great Commission

Jesus gave this Great Commission to all His disciples. At Discover Truth Ministry, we’ve been inspired to follow in the footsteps of Christ’s first disciples, aligning our efforts with the guidelines of the current missionary approach of the General Conference of SDA entitled “I Will Go”. (

Pastor Ted Wilson and other world-wide church leaders emphasize that

“The best mission field is right where you are, right now.”

Our best mission field was chosen to be worked by members of the Dublin church about five years ago. Discover Truth was formally organised in 2020 and is supported by the Irish Mission. It has since grown to include volunteers from other counties within the Mission.

We aim to engage Seventh-day Adventist members in spreading the Gospel and the Three Angels Message in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These Adventist missionaries – adults, youth, and children alike – are finding joy in distributing literature and engaging in conversation with people.

In return, these people, who are hungering for truth and hope, discover a better way to live. Our volunteers report to us on a weekly basis about literature distributed in their hundreds, prayers with and for people, and of passers-by who ask to join our Zoom Bible studies or later enrol in the online Bible studies.

We now take this opportunity to inform you of our progress and to ask for your assistance and support in developing this ministry further so its reach can be expanded.


Discover Truth areas of ministry

1. Website

A modern and user-friendly website created to reach people online. It offers free resources such as Bibles, books, video series and podcasts. It is also a one-stop, go-to place for Adventist television and radio stations. Additionally, it has a Q&A section and provides a Prayer Request service. Our Facebook page refers people to our latest resources and events.


2. Online Bible studies / Adventist Discovery Centre (Irish branch)

Creating a branch Discovery Centre Bible School, offering Voice of Prophecy lessons, was an invaluable addition. We currently have 3 teachers and 28 students. We offer the following courses: “Discover” (Bible teachings), “Focus on Prophecy” (Daniel and Revelation), and “The Light of the World” (Life of Jesus). One student’s testimony:

“An excellent interpretation of the last days on earth simplified in easy understandable text. A must for anyone wishing to understand Bible prophecies.” (Camillus Nolan, Focus on Prophecy course graduate, March 2021)


3. Zoom Bible Class & YouTube Videos

In March 2021 we started the “Light of the World” series on Zoom. This series of 25 lessons is presented live (later uploaded on YouTube) every Thursday night by two of the Dublin pastors. The presentations are followed by small group discussions which deepen the value of the lesson’s message. Participants are non-Adventists, Discover Truth team members, and regular church members.


4. Street Evangelism (Groups)

Book stands are professionally set up with banners and tables, and volunteers wearing hi-vis branded vests. Seven locations are currently covered, each set up with team leaders and regular volunteers: Dublin, Cork, Tralee, Galway, Killarney, Dingle, and Monaghan.

Books distributed to date: 26,754. This includes 5,000+ Great Controversy, 1,400+ Desire of Ages, 1,200+ Steps to Christ, 10,000+ The Great Hope.


5. Free Bible Project

Requests for Free Bibles are received on a weekly basis, making the Scripture our most requested book. People of all ages and walks of life are wanting to own a Bible, from 14-year-olds to 80-year-olds.

The Bibles, along with free gifts like “Steps to Christ” or “Desire of Ages”, are delivered in person by the Discover Truth team members whenever possible. This facilitates discussion and creates a personal contact.


6. Flyer Distribution

A series of 4 flyers has been designed and printed to date. More than 20,000 copies of the first 3 flyers have been distributed thus far at the book stands and via post boxes:

We have just recently printed 10,000 copies of the Daniel 2 flyers for distribution:



Current projects

  • Publishing of an extract of the final 14 chapters of the Great Controversy (a book other countries have successfully used before). It will be entitled “The Final Countdown” and will be just under 200 pages.
  • Podcast of the Daniel 2 article The Final Countdown
  • Sanctuary video series by “Europe4Jesus”
  • Additional Zoom Bible study series: “Focus on Prophecy”
  • Promotional gifts: bookmarks, pens and T-shirts advertising the ministry’s website

Future projects (2022)

Revised edition of “The Celtic Connection” in collaboration with Stanborough Press. Our aim is to distribute it to every home in Ireland. (see St Patrick and the Celtic Connection)


We need you!

The work is being blessed by the Lord and is growing in leaps and bounds. Volunteers are needed to assist with the work. If you feel that you are being called to work in one of its many areas of ministry then contact us and begin working in the best mission field: right where you are, right now!

Know also that our budgeted funds for 2021 have just been exhausted. We praise God for that, for abundant blessings beyond our little faith expectations.

There is a great window of opportunity to work within the Irish Mission. We are still living in a time of freedom and of spiritual hunger. It’s a unique and golden moment to invest yourself in God’s mission field in your area.

We are now calling on you to please help us continue this important work on this island. More Bibles, more books, more flyers, along with banners, vests, and promotional materials are needed. Please prayerfully consider donating so that other people can also Discover Truth. The truth that brought you and us to this knowledge of God. Donate now

(If you need this article in PDF /printable version, please click here.)


Thanking you, in Christ’s name,
The Discover Truth Team

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