Religion – What went wrong?

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About 2000 years ago, Jesus lived on earth. His life and teachings have inspired millions of people ever since. Over time, however, it seems that much of the Christian religion has become complex and challenging to follow.  It now includes many messages and practices that were never practiced or taught by Jesus. Why is there such an apparent difference between Jesus and the religion bearing His name? Where did things go wrong? How did Christianity as a religion fail in delivering its promises of peace, protection, and provision?

This seminar will seek to unveil this story by revealing the root causes of the challenges to today’s faith.


Join us on this fascinating journey through history and Bible prophecy

8 May Has the Christian religion lost its plot?

9 May A power play of popes, kings and presidents

10 May Rediscovering what Jesus really said and promised

11 May Coming out of confusion

12 May Hope for the future!


Daniel Pel Guest Speaker Daniel and Revelation Seminar Enis, County Clare

Daniel Pel is an international speaker. He has travelled the globe sharing relevant and engaging topics from the Bible. His dynamic and logical way of presenting has been an inspiration to thousands. His seminars have brought hope, comfort, and assurance for the days ahead to many. They have provided people with honest answers to their questions.


The beautiful Treacy West County Hotel

Dates: Monday 8 May – Friday 12 May 2023

Time: 7pm

Address: Treacys West County, Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare.  V95 C9CT

Website:  Treacys West County Hotel


Live translation into Russian and Portuguese every night

Children’s Craft Program available throughout the series

If you have any queries, please contact Daniel Wilson on 087 709 0807

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