8 December

  1. Heroes App and Bible Study info for Children’s page
    • Here are the links:
    • It’s aimed more at tweens and teens so I’m not sure if we should create a Youth page for this? Otherwise it can go on the Children’s page as it can have three links (to fit in with the current 3 block set up, just not sure what pics to use. Could use some of their character pics, or generic pics of children on their phones and pcs. The character pics would be more eye-catching but won’t really fit in with the rest of the visuals, so maybe a separate Heroes or Youth section? But 8 year olds can also play the games so don’t want them to be excluded. I await your feedback.
    • Suggested write up:
      • In the digital world that we live in today, our children so easily become ensnared in meaningless activities on their devices.
      • Here is a fun and uplifting online option for them!
      • Your child (or even you!) can become better acquainted with some amazing Bible stories and improve their Bible literacy.
      • Download the cellphone game or sign up for the online interactive Bible studies to begin the Bible adventure.
    • Fb post for when it’s ready:
      • Are you looking for a way to get your child, tween, teen, or even yourself, to learn more about the Bible?
      • Look no further! Download the Heroes 2 App and start learning facts about the Bible Heroes.
      • But don’t limit your experience to just Bible Trivia! Sign up for their great free online Bible studies. Presented in a unique and engaging way to grow one’s knowledge and relationship with God.
    • And check this out! A testimony to online evangelism. May many of their youth be led to discover the Bible studies linked to the game. Heroes Bible trivia – Author at Catholic Gallery