15 July

  1. I like the new Steps to Christ image. Please add to the Articles > Book Presentation page too. It was added in the first place. It just didn’t take it right. Now it is all well.
  2. I see you added a comment at the end of the Great Controversy page that leads to the Final Countdown Daniel article 👍🏻. The things is: when you make a link between articles on the website it is a “ping”. So it appears as a comment. Everyone looking at the comments will know it is connected (just in case one missed it) with another article.
  3. Do you think we should add the Final Countdown book to the GC page, offering the shortened version there too? When it’s ready. Yes. Let’s not forget. I will add in red.
  4. Do we need to wait for the book to be in print before it’s available on the website? I have in mind a wider approach: have the book in printed format, have the book in PDF, have an article (book presentation). I think a bit (only) about getting these chapters in audio format (we can find them) and make it an audio also. So, when we launch it, it goes on 2-3 formats and a presentation. Otherwise, just a pdf file will die alone somewhere…
  5. You said Media: Final Countdown book uploaded. Do you mean Books instead of Media? And under which category in Books will it be placed? Media is a folder with all our files (images, pdf etc.) You find it in the left column on the WordPress dashboard.
  6. Bible Studies: Discover isn’t offered on Zoom. Should that be removed, or maybe also have a Coming Soon comment added? We should decide on that… If just adding coming soon (without a plan)… it will be like never or at least not this year.
  7. Thanks for the edit to the Light of the World meeting info. I meant to suggest that but the thought got lost 🙃. All good.
  8. Do you two think the website is balanced with its current order in the home page? I think it is. My point is to show that with the 6 items upfront we offer: video, article, audio, study, read etc. Diversity. It is not obsession with one thing.
  9. I see under recent comments that there are links to the Report & Appeal at the St Patrick article and The Final Countdown articles. See answer to #2. I wonder if that could go under an Info page? I guess not, for now. The Report and Appeal is for internal use. I deleted the pings now.

To do list

About Us page

13 July

  • Posts. New article added. Adam’s (about prayer). Connected to the Prayer page.
  • Homepage.
    • Light of the world advertisement brought on the main page, top.
    • Signs of the times section rearranged the order and moved higher.
    • Redone second section, of 6 articles, added 3 new: Daniel 2, Adam’s article and Celtic Connection.
  • Prayer. Info added about Zoom weekly meetings.
  • Media. The Final Countdown ebook uploaded. To be ready when the print edition comes also.
  • Children. Incorrect Link – done.
  • Support. Space to be added to Contact button – done.
  • Categories. Books is now book-presentation.
  • Bible Studies. Removed Via Post option from all.
  • Light of the World. Edited information on the page about our weekly meetings.
  • Steps to Christ. Replaced featured picture.